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Langley & Banack possesses one of the most experienced, successful and respected team of Texas litigation attorneys in the state of Texas. Langley & Banack’s Texas litigation attorneys regard all litigation as “business” and therefore couple their experience with their “putting the client first” ethic to ensure preparedness without sacrificing economic feasibility.

Langley & Banack’s expertise and experience in litigation extends through all phases of the litigation process, including investigation, evaluation, alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, trial, appeal, collection and enforcement. Our Texas litigation attorneys are licensed in all state, federal, and bankruptcy courts in the state of Texas and several are licensed in state and federal courts in other states. Langley & Banack’s MERITAS affiliation provides us with access to outstanding litigation assistance in all other areas of the country and internationally.

Langley & Banack’s litigation experience includes extensive practice in the following areas:

  • Construction and contractual disputes
  • Energy litigation, including pipeline and refinery matters
  • Business torts, including trade secret misappropriation, disparagement, tortious interference, fraud, negligence, and products liability
  • Real estate litigation, condemnation, and title insurance disputes
  • Fiduciary litigation
  • Banking, brokerage and financial institution litigation
  • Insurance coverage disputes and insurance brokerage errors and omissions
  • Unfair business practices
  • Medical malpractice
  • Bankruptcy
  • Family law

All of our practice areas are supported by experienced trial lawyers, who are knowledgeable about that specific area of law. Langley & Banack believes that to be effective in the courtroom, a trial lawyer needs to not only be an experienced litigator, but also be familiar with the specific subject matter of the litigation.

While Langley & Banack attorneys are very active in both the trial and appellate courts, many disputes are resolved through mediation, arbitration or other alternative forums. Langley & Banack attorneys are experienced in obtaining successful results in mediations, arbitrations, and other alternative proceedings.

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