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Data Protection Policies and Procedures

Our Cybersecurity, data protection and privacy attorneys counsel clients on a broad spectrum of data protection best practices and will assist you with minimizing your company’s risk of a data breach.  Privacy and data protection laws on the federal and state level work on a sectoral basis.  Financial, healthcare, employers, consumers and other sectors are governed by a complex web of privacy and data protection laws that are continuously evolving as online technology changes.  Businesses face new risks regarding the proper handling employee, healthcare, financial or other personal identifiable data in line with applicable laws in this age of an online based commerce.

Our attorneys can help guide you through the myriad of sectoral data protection and privacy laws and provide you a clear understanding of what laws and regulations apply to your business. We can also help identify under what scenarios your business could face liability exposure for data breaches, and what you can do to reduce your risk of data breach.

With respect to business websites, our cybersecurity, data protection and privacy attorneys can draft or review privacy notices and policies, and provide feedback on what you must do, to ensure that your commercial online or e-commerce presence and/or web-based marketing or advertising does not trigger risk exposure to applicable federal and state unfair and deceptive trade practices statutes.

Digital Contracts and Provisions

Our cybersecurity, data protection and privacy attorneys can assist you with risk management in your contracts and contractual infrastructure.  We routinely advise clients on contracts and contractual provisions in vendor and service agreements governing or containing aspects of digital or electronic data protection.  We assist clients with web hosting, website developing and software as a service contracts. Our attorneys also provide counsel on indemnity and other risk shifting or risk mitigation contractual provisions for contracts that contain e-commerce or data aspects.

Legal Aspects of Data Breach Preparedness

Our cybersecurity, data protection and privacy attorneys counsel businesses and financial institutions on the legal considerations when preparing their cybersecurity and information security incident response plans.  Additionally, our attorneys provide general cybersecurity risk management advice to private and public clients.

Data Breach Advisory

In the event a data breach occurs, our attorneys can assist you with handling your first response to a breach; provide guidance on any notification; and other legal requirements and best practices.  Our cybersecurity, data protection and privacy attorneys are also available to counsel owners, executives, managers and employees on data breach best practices.

Privacy and Data Breach Litigation

Our attorneys routinely defend clients in privacy and data breach litigation.  Our litigators have experience handling email hacking cases including those arising from spoofing, phishing, spearphishing and general malware.  Additionally, our attorneys have experience handling cases arising from HIPAA violations.

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