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Langley & Banack’s Collections Litigation practice includes experience in the following matters:
  • Federal and State litigation to collect:  commercial receivables and past due accounts, bad checks, lien claims (including landlord’s, mechanic and materialman’s, possessory, mineral, airplane and real property liens), bond claims, lease balances, trust funds, promissory notes, guaranty and surety obligations, domestic judgments, and all other contract obligations or debts.
  • Focuses on extraordinary remedies: prejudgment account freezing, multiplication of defendants, judgment execution, sequestration, turnover, injunction, trust fund liability, attachment, garnishment, and repossession.
  • Collection litigation involving fiduciary responsibilities, bankruptcies, business torts, probate matters, frauds, alter ego and veil piercings, fraudulent transfers, and embezzlements.
  • Domestication and collection of sister-state and foreign judgments.
  • Business credit document drafting and support, especially use of centralized of collection litigation, guaranties, liability waivers, contractor and subcontractor agreements, security interests, interest and account penalties, and lien or bond positions.
  • Credit policy, management, employee training, planning, and advisement.


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