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Our estate planning attorneys are extremely knowledgeable regarding all aspects of estate administration.  We have extensive experience both in representing executors in the performance of their duties and in representing beneficiaries to protect their interests during an administration.  We also have extensive experience in dealing with difficult situations where there is no will, or where the planning was incomplete or improperly designed.  Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to deal with the most complex estates with values of hundreds of millions or the most simple estate. When the filing of a federal estate tax return is required or appropriate, our tax return specialists can provide expert guidance in complying with the laws and navigating that complex process.
The administration of a trust can be a complex and challenging task.  Our attorneys are skilled at interpreting complex trust documents and assisting our clients to understand both legal and practical aspects of trust administration.  We provide services to trustees in determining their rights and duties in order to help them be effective trustees and minimize their exposure to liability for their actions.  We also advise beneficiaries and can assist them understand their rights under a trust and protect their interests in dealing with trustees.
We make every effort to support and maintain harmony among the fiduciaries and beneficiaries throughout the administration of each estate and each trust.  However, it is possible for conflicts to arise, even when all parties are close family members.  We strongly believe that most conflicts can be and should be resolved without resorting to litigation.  However, if litigation becomes unavoidable, we are able to utilize the resources of Langley & Banack’s Estate, Trust & Fiduciary Litigation section to ensure that our clients have access to some of the most experienced and respected fiduciary litigators in Texas.


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