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State Bar of Texas Family Law Section Chair Kristal Thomson Delivers Her Last Message as President

Dear Section members:

This time last year, everything was getting canceled and closed. It was a confusing, manic time, and many questions and unspoken fears plagued our world and communities. The future of our practice was unknown when I took over as chair in the Spring of 2020.

What I did know, is that our section was ready for whatever lay ahead because of our past leaders, our belief in our mission, and our people – Texas Family Lawyers.

During the last year, I have had several people quip to me, “there’s the year you want and the year you get.” This euphemism is said arbitrarily to leaders as a comforting phrase when unanticipated problems inevitably arise. I have to say, it didn’t comfort me too much as I tried to navigate my way through a life-altering pandemic.

This year wrought personal and professional upheaval that affected every family lawyer, every client, and every court. One thing that kept me focused amid the chaos was knowing that our section did not achieve success overnight. Each year, we built on the last, with eyes focused on the future and the past’s memories and traditions pushing us forward.

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Kristal Cordova Thomson

Ms. Thomson is a family law specialist, board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. She focuses on divorces with complex or high net worth estates and complicated custody issues. Ms. Thomson has tried numerous cases, but is also highly experienced in negotiated settl...


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