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Shareholder Jim Lowry pays tribute to his friend and colleague Ron Lewis

Ron Lewis and I were neighborhood friends growing up – grade school, junior high, and high school. His Dad was an urban studies professor at Trinity University, and we lived a few houses down from each other. We went to different schools. I went to Catholic schools, and Ron attended TMI.  Ron’s Mom was also a professor here in San Antonio. She taught at St. Philip’s College.

Ron’s Dad and Mom expected a lot from Ron, and his brother and sister. Ron’s Mom and Dad were pretty strict, but also fair and loving and kind. Us kids were always welcome at the Lewis home, and Dr. and Dr. Lewis were always very kind to us.

After Ron graduated from TMI, he attended Princeton undergraduate and Harvard Law School. He graduated with honors from Harvard Law. As we all know, it is extremely hard to even get accepted to Harvard Law, much less graduate with honors. I was very, very proud of Ron for these outstanding accomplishments.

Ron was hired by Baker Botts out of law school, and worked for that firm in Houston for over 20 years. He then started a small litigation boutique law firm with one other lawyer, where he worked for several years before accepting a job as the City Attorney for the City of Houston.

Ron had to take a pay cut to serve the people of Houston as their City Attorney, but he did so because he feels a duty to serve, and to make the world, in general, and the City of Houston, in particular, a better place. I cannot imagine how hard Ron has to work as the City Attorney for the City of Houston, but he does so with a great attitude and a smile on his face. His Dad and Mom had a service ethic, and they passed it down to their son, Ron.

It has been an honor and privilege to count Ron among my good friends; and it has been a distinct pleasure watching him grow up, work very hard, and become so successful in, and so valuable to, his community. His Dad and Mom were extremely proud of him, as am I.

Ron Lewis happens to be a black man, but I never really noticed or cared what race he was, I just know him as my friend.

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